Art Portfolio Requirements


If you plan to apply to an arts high school, college, university, or academy you will need to submit a portfolio showcasing your best work. Schools will be looking to see pieces in a variety of media that demonstrate your ability to think creatively. While each school will have different requirements some general guidelines are listed below:

  • 10-20 pieces of recent work, at least half of which should be drawings done from direct observation
  • Include in your drawings self-portraits, figure drawings, still lifes, and landscapes
  • Include works such as painting, printmaking, drawing, etc. that show knowledge of color theory
  • Include three-dimensional works that emphasize composition, light, and form
  • Minimize the amount of digital media in your portfolio unless you are applying for design programs
  • While anime, tattoo designs, cartoons, etc. may inform your artistic process, keep these images in your sketchbook

These requirements are summarized from

Take high quality photographs of all of your work. Small, two-dimensional works can be scanned. Check the school’s website for submission guidelines. Many schools want files re-sized to 72 dpi (dots per inch). You can re-size images using a photo editing program such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Photo credit: Natashalatrasha via photopin cc


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